Therapeutic Exercise for Musicians
This 60 minute video presentation was recorded at the "Playing Less Hurt" conference in Minneapolis, MN in 1992. It features Dr. Norris demonstrating a wide range of stretching, strengthening and Tai Chi-based exercises similar to the ones included in the course he taught at the New England Conservatory of Music in the late 1980's.  
Power and Grace; The Interface of Exercise and Art
20 years  later he’s still at it... Taking it to the next level. This video elaborates and builds on the basic movements taught in his 1991 video‘Therapeutic Exercise for Musicians’. Unlike the first video, here the focus is on building power through grace using the basic movement patterns but adding resistance in a variety of novel ways, with both animate and inanimate exercise partners !
Richard Norris, MD (1987)
In addition to being a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with subspecialty training in Orthopedics and Spine Medicine, Dr. Norris’ movement studies included years of Yoga,Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, jazz dance, Argentine Tango and ballet.  All of these various disciplines have informed and influenced  his exercise programs.