The Musician’s Survival Manual

Richard N. Norris, MD


“We who play instruments know that there are few experiences in life that can be as fulfilling as making music. When giving to an audience, we are able to have positive influence not only on others, but also ourselves.But often our goals are thwarted by physical limitations and pain.

Thanks to doctors like Richard Norris who are working in the new field of performing arts medicine, we can now improve our physical approaches to our instruments with knowledge of how our bodies do the demanding tasks we ask of them.Musicians, can now become more knowledgeable through books such as Dr. Norris's guide. We can now work towards prevention

rather than correction.

You will find, as I have, that this down-to-earth survival manual is an invaluable resource and tool in our striving and yearning for freedom to play.”

Janet Horvath, Director,

“Playing (less) Hurt”© Conference Series

Associate Principal Cellist, Minnesota Orchestra


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