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Richard N. Norris, MD

  1. “Rico: Sem Voce” CD (MP3)
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Since 2002, Dr. Richard Norris (“Rico”) has

studied bossa nova guitar and learned to

sing in Portuguese. This collection of 16 songs, in four different languages, is the distillation of his musical art over the past nine years.

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In 1962, Richard, then 15 years old, was inspired to take up guitar in order to play the songs of Elvis and Ricky Nelson. His first teacher, Bob Umlas, turned him over to Barry Kornfeld, a guitarist, banjoist and producer who lived at 190 Waverly Place in NYC’s Greenwich Village. After studying intensively for two years, Barry suggested that Richard study with his upstairs neighbor, Dave Van Ronk. Richard became captivated with Dave’s fantastic music and powerful guitar and vocal style. He played those songs for almost 40 years until he fell in love with bossa nova in 2002 (see above: “Rico: Sem Voce”)

Norris • Arts • Medicine • Education

Richard Norris: Blues and Ragtime guitar

at the Washington Folk Festival

August 1992 (21 minutes)


1. Sem Voce- A.C. Jobim/ V. de Moraes

2. As Prais Desertas- A.C. Jobim

3. Corcovado- A.C. Jobim

4. Eu Sei Que Voce Amar- A.C. Jobim/ V. de Moraes

5. Dindi- A.C. Jobim

6. Fotografia- A.C. Jobim

7. Falando de Amor- A.C. Jobim

8. Inutil Paisagem- A.C. Jobim

9. Rainy Day- H. Becker/ J. Tesini

10. Luiza- A.C. Jobim

11. Obsesión- P. Flores

12. Caminhos Cruzados-A.C. Jobim/ N. Mendonca

13. Travessia- M. Nascimiento

14. Minha Namorada- C. Lyra/ V. de Moraes

15. Estate- B. Martini/ B. Brighetti

16. Na Ribeira Deste Rio- Dori Caymmi/ F. Pessoa /Correnteza- A.C. Jobim (medly)

Richard Norris (1963)


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A debt of gratitude is expressed to Harry Becker,master luthier,who arranged and recorded these songs. He also built Rico’s guitar and was his guitar teacher.